Apply knowledge, innovate ideas

As a child who gravitated to the sciences at school, it wasn''t so much that I found engineering but rather that it found me. Engineers don’t sit passively and observe the world – they make things happen. Using innovation, creativity, scientific, mathematical and computational knowledge, engineers are impacting the world unlike any other group. Im proud to have made my career in engineering. Its a field of endeavour unlike any other.

Our world is in a state of constant flux and those behind this incessant motion are almost always the engineers. Almost everything we see and use today has involved some component of engineering in their inception at the very least. Changing lives for the better is its raison d etre.

Engineers must be visionary yet creative; imaginative yet grounded; always ready to grapple with the incessantly changing demands the world throws up.

This part of my website spans the enormous variety of the engineering landscape covering primary areas in which I am involved. And yet there are areas in the rubrik in which I am not yet involved but have more than a passing interest. These areas too are often covered. I hope you enjoy browsing through this collection of curated interest and can garner some value from it along the way.


Let it rain! Who cares? I've a train Upstairs, With a brake Which I make From a string Sort of thing, Which works In jerks, 'Cos it drops In the spring, Which stops With the String, And the wheels All stick So quick That it feels Like a thing That you make With a brake, Not string.... So that's what I make, When the day's all wet. It's a good sort of brake But it hasn't worked yet.