So many books, so little time

To say that one has had a lifelong fondness for books can often seem like saying one has always appreciated the value of oxygen. Books have a unique place in my heart not only because of the value that they can hold but also because of the dream that they can carry.
For most of my day I exist in practical time. Life has a heartbeat that can sometimes feel like an unwelcome exoskeleton, moving us as it does from one adult commitment to the next through our days, on and on the conveyor belt runs. There's something about the march of routine across the horizon that I sometimes find disheartening. By the end of my day I yearn for a different kind of time—reading time.

Through my adult life, my relationship with books has been patchy at times. Life comes at you fast and can get you like that, especially 21st century life with its screens and incessant clamour for our attention.
As adults we remember the times as children we swam in a cold loch or raced our bikes along country lanes. I have my fair share of such memories but I also remember the books that rose above my childhood like shining heralds of the adult life to come.

Such books as Watership Down, Kidnapped and anything by Enid Blyton fed my imagination and brought me to new worlds and new experiences whilst sitting in my room. As adults we move on to exist in practical time only released to the misty world of books when they day eventually stops pressing like a tight band against our eyes and consciousness, slackens. The clock finds a 13th hour.

This section of my website has been dedicated to some of the books I have read. My ambition hopes for them all to be described here some day. Catalogued and curated like books on a shelf but you and I both know that we have to exist in practical time right? I hope you enjoy what you read here and perhaps you may decide to read a book yourself on the basis of my comments. If you do then I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did or maybe more.