The minimal rhythm of your soul


By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
This showcase poem explores themes of loneliness, changing fortunes and the power of solitude. It is a poem which touches me deeply in its contrast between our ever changing lives and the effect our fortunes have on others perception and approach to us.
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A poem does not have to be famous to be cherished. Most of us are exposed to poetry at school, and we may later take pleasure in remembering some of the poems we learn. But there is another sort of poetic pleasure - that which we get from poems we discover for ourselves and commit to our own anthologies. These poems become, for us, a private store of gems - reminders of the very personal nature of poetry, and of the power of a few well-crafted lines to move the reader. Sometimes these poems become something of a talisman to those who know them - lines that will accompany them on their journey through life, remembered at key moments when solace is required, or when they simply want to recall a past moment of insight.

This is a personal collection of poetry that I find interesting and enjoyable. My interest in poetry started in childhood, when I was fortunate enough to be exposed to quite a lot of it in one way or another. That same fortune has provided me with further additions to the collection down the years. I hope that you will enjoy the collection as much as I do.