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The rise and rise of the self righteous hoi polloi.

So the latest twist of the MP's expenses saga lumbers back into view on the front pages of the nation.

This latest chapter has struck the deepest chord in what has always been an embarrasing spectacle of the madding crowd fronted up by the oh so squeaky clean press baying for the blood of the countrys MP's caught in the awkward spotlight of scrutiny of their expenses.

The holier than thou attitude of joe public in all of this has been the hardest thing to stomach with their constant mock outrage at a group of people who are basically maximising the benefits available to them in what is, lets be honest, a woefully underpaid position commensurate with the level of responsibility.

Is an NHS GP who employs an accountant to minimise their tax liability and ensure that they reap the maximum reward for their efforts from the nations health budget really all that different?

The simple fact is that most of the telegraph readers who rankle at the sight of the expenses laid out in the paper in front of them would, in a heartbeat shamelessly grasp up each and every benefit available to them from either the government or their employers and probably never even manage to see the connection to what they see before them in the newspaper.

This is now old news however in a story that refuses to lie down and leave us in peace. In the latest death throe of the story we now hear that a lucky gang of four are to be served up to the public as sacrifices in order to hopefully sate their thirst for heads to roll. The rest of the MP's quietly turn their backs and slowly shake their heads as these lucky four are lifted up into the arena and served up to the lions as they quietly thank god that its not happening to them.

But, in a deliciously ironic twist in this tale, we hear that the honourable and right honorable members are now outraged that the gang of four intend to seek the defence of parliamentary priviledge instead of just lying down and accepting their fate. Their fear is that the self righteous masses may be even further outraged by the bitter taste of these sacrificial lambs.

It seems each and every one of us are prepared to put on the blinkers when it comes to our own nest feathering activities and gladly wring our hands with glee at the sight of someone else being villified for it.

Well, good luck to the gang of four and who knows, maybe in a court of law they will show us all up for being the conceited, holier than thou hypocrites which we, each and every one of us, are for forcing our own legislature to eat their young for our own entertainment.
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Monday, 24 February 2020
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