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Sunday morning musings.

If you can detach ‘Britishness’ from Whitehall and Westminster, the case for the Union will be lost. If this is really to be a faux debate grounded in the emotion of identity then the opportunity it presents to future generations will be lost. And the politicians will have taken their people for fools.
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Incandescent Bulbs

For years now we've been hearing the reports that the days of the incandescent light bulb are numbered. In actual fact they may have already got to zero as it is almost impossible to get hold of these old style bulbs for love nor money.

Its yet another front in the constant battle between the freedom for individuals to choose and the "nanny state knows best" attitude that seems forever present from certain sections of society.

Those of us, (and there are many), who dont particularly enjoy the thought of spending the rest of their lives in dimly lit dingy rooms lit badly by low energy fluorescent bulbs have no option but to grin and bear it as the rules slowly change the world and what we are allowed to do in it.

Or do we? It would appear that sales of multiple spotlight style bulb fixtures have taken on a life of their own in recent years. I myself use them in almost every room in my house now and the wattage when aggregated together can supply the bright light we used to associate with our 100 or 150 W bulbs. So it would seem there is a solution for us and a way around the poorly thought out and imposed from on high regulations which the climate fundamentalists have been allowed to push through.

I just wonder though if they really thought before the rule change was implemented. After all in the language of the climate fundamentalist, everything comes down to carbon. The carbon used to manufacture all of these elaborate multi-bulb light fixtures as well as the electricity consumed by 4 of the 60W spotlight bulbs surely has to be more than that consumed by a single 100W bulb as would have been used beforehand. Their crazy logic has forced those of us who don't particularly want to live our evenings in dingy rooms to consume far more energy and use up far more carbon that we did before. Yet another example of the climate fundamentalists need to throw themselves shrieking headlong into every half baked initiative but failing spectacularly and doing exactly the opposite of what was intended.
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Best definition of the labour party I ever saw..


Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.
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What is "progressive"?

In recent weeks in the news I have begun to hear a new word bandied around. Everyone claims to be it. Of course not everybody can be it.

This word is "progressive".

Everyone seems to be claiming to be progressive. At first I saw it as a roundabout way of saying that something is a step in the right direction but then I got to thinking. Who gets to say what is the right direction.

The word is used everywhere and seemingly in every debate nowadays to justify one course of action over the other or to vaunt one taxation policy over another. Surely they cant all be right? Is it even good to be progressive? If it is then why isnt there just one party called the progressive party which everyone loves and votes for religiously.

It turns out that progressivism is a little less gleaming than the current zeitgeist would have you believe...

Wikipedia describes it as this.

Now this muddys the waters even further.

If progressivism is to all intents and purposes liberalism then what on earth is going on in a country where the traditional vote has been polarised to one or other side of the political spectrum?
I'd venture a fairly simple answer to this little puzzle.

What we are seeing is a fight over the middle ground that the kingmakers, (LibDem) occupy in an unashamed attempt by both ends of the political spectrum to either cosy up to them in order to cement the coalition or drive a wedge into the coalition by showing just how far from being progressive they have strayed.

So, next time you hear the word "progressive" being used by a suit on the news dont believe the hype. The landscape has changed now and the ways that they compete are subtle and wily.

Unless you voted LibDem, progressive is not what you voted for.
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Who the hell are we?

So, its world cup time again.

I can more or less remember where I was during most of the world cups that have taken place through my life. Well, its fair to say I more clearly remember those world cups that Scotland qualified for but anything like that is a bit of a distant memory now. World cups in recent history seem to merge into a fog of "its coming home" mixed with the tune of "three lions" and a stiff measure of "penalty disappointment".
But something else seems to rise up in my consciousness at times like this and it is the unfortunate spectacle of Scottish anti english (ism).
Now, I may not exactly be the best person to comment on this phenomenon having worked with english people for most of my life and having also lived in England for a large chunk of my life but to me, the phenomenon is nothing short of embarrasing.
Before I go any further let me just make clear who I am. I am a Scot. I am someone who is very proud to be a Scot and believes wholeheartedly that we Scots have a heritage of which we can rightly be proud.
When I was little I was brought up to understand that being Scottish is something to be extremely proud of. To be Scottish is to be the living embodiment of a proud, strong people for whom strength and honour means as much as it did to the Romans. My father gave me a book called "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson when I was little and I read it cover to cover and more than once. It wasnt difficult to be proud of my past when presented with this sort of provenance.
Over the intervening years however, I have learned that being Scottish comes with certain responsibilities as well as the rights inherent in being proud of such a past. I have learned that it is my responsibility to hate the english and to wish them failure in every venture they may undertake. Nowadays that usually means sporting events as it is one of the few remaining areas where the distinction is meaningfully made.
Well Im sorry but I refuse. I have always refused, and now I feel like its time for me to speak out in my own small way. Who the hell are we if the only contribution we have to make to what could and should be a healthy rivalry and a desire to be the best between England and Scotland; who the hell are we if all we can do is carp and snipe and wish "them" ill when the only reason for this is that we have came up short yet again?
Who the hell are we if we are now to be defined by this pathetic image of yet another glaikit awkward scot proclaiming through an inane grin that he will be supporting "anyone but England"
Tonight in South Africa, it is the eve of what is arguably the biggest sporting tournament on earth. Many of the biggest sporting nations on earth will be represented. Some may not be, but the parish of Scotland, for that is what a parochial attitude turns us into, will once again be carping from the sidelines in a negative, jealous, snide chorus of anti-English jealous inferiority. For me, this is just not good enough. This does not represent the Scotland that my Dad brought me up to be proud of. This does not engender in our impressionable young people, the drive and need to put Scotland back onto this global map. Rather it perpetuates the decline into obscurity that no Scot can deny is already well and truly under way.
So come on Scotland, lets stop embarrasing ourselves. Lets see this as an example of what our country should aspire to. Lets learn to support our neighbours with at least some semblance of grace instead of acting like a jealous child who isnt getting to play. Lets channel our energies into making Scotland great again rather than trying to hope England become as crap as we are.
I for one will be hoping England can win the world cup and I ask ya..... who the hell are we if we cant celebrate the achievement of our closest neighbours? Comments?
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