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Vastly experienced, versatile senior technical asset with a broad range of highly evolved skills from team building to high-level technology solution implementations. A courageous and tenacious leader with proven experience in business development, organisational visioning, cutting edge information technology deployments, and as a senior management liaison. Experienced at working at all levels from Start-up to Corporate, I thrive on change and take the lead to engage and drive the engineering landscape in any business An outgoing personality, with high energy levels who is customer focused but understands the need for a structured approach to business. A mature and collaborative style provides excellent communication and presentation skills and, drawing on past experience, gives the credibility to build trust. A strategic thinker, who is innovative and creative and makes technically 'savvy' decisions and encourages others to do so, whilst totally focused on success and how this drives results.

Strong on substance

[caption id="attachment_113" align="aligncenter" width="353"] This made me laugh
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Damn those physics based stacking games

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Can you work it out?

The number in each box is the sum of the two below it.
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Come on BBC!!

Youd think the BBC could at least get their spelling right when reporting on the following:

And sadly, there have been so many Sergeants killed in recent years they ought to have worked it out by now.

Talk about insult to injury.
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Photographic Geekery

I made my first attempt at a panoramic pic this evening.

First I took these two pics:

and joined them together to make this:

then, I took these two pics:

and joined them together to make this:

And finally I joined the two double pics together to make this:

Worked out kinda ok I think?     Click the image to see it in all its glory.
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