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Vastly experienced, versatile senior technical asset with a broad range of highly evolved skills from team building to high-level technology solution implementations. A courageous and tenacious leader with proven experience in business development, organisational visioning, cutting edge information technology deployments, and as a senior management liaison. Experienced at working at all levels from Start-up to Corporate, I thrive on change and take the lead to engage and drive the engineering landscape in any business An outgoing personality, with high energy levels who is customer focused but understands the need for a structured approach to business. A mature and collaborative style provides excellent communication and presentation skills and, drawing on past experience, gives the credibility to build trust. A strategic thinker, who is innovative and creative and makes technically 'savvy' decisions and encourages others to do so, whilst totally focused on success and how this drives results.

Life Magazine. Pictures of the year 2009

Pictures to make you stop in your tracks.
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Dog + Laser Pointer = Ouch

I dont know why this makes me laugh so much. Especially given my last post was about empathy. Go figure!

It was probably staged. Yes I'm cynical. But hey, the dog doesnt know that...

But it still gives me coffee nostril every time I see it.

Simple pleasures...

Dog + Laser = Ouch
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Revolutionary new UK plug

This is such a great idea and as usual with the greatest ideas, oh so simple.

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Risks versus rewards on the world wide web

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Pearltrees was in private beta until last month. This innovative Web 2.0 app allows web users to build visual "maps" that organize web pages visually using "pearls" within a tree structure, see the picture above. Via a browser add-on, internet users can transform their daily browsing experience into a visual "pearl tree" and share it with other Pearltrees members.

I like the concept a lot but it needs some user interface improvements, such as allowing actions from a contextual menu: delete, add as friend, play the map, explore neighborhood (and more) should be accessible with a right click. Moving pearls around is easy (drag and drop) but the overall navigation could be improved. Keep in mind that this application is still in early stage and the team is releasing new features and updates regularly. The ability to embed a pearl in a blog or website has been launched on Monday (look at it in the photo gallery). Try it and send your comments to the Pearltrees team using the feedback button.
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